Cassandra Saunders


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Born in Boston, Massachusetts to biracial parents, along with being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy within the first few days of life–which left her wheelchair-bound, music has been a method of survival for Saunders from a very young age. During her school-age years, Saunders was constantly overlooked by her peers because of her disability and racial differences.

As a distraction from what was happening to her, she dove into songwriting. Early on her writing style was influenced by the music her mother played in the household. She played everything from rock and smooth jazz to pop and R&B, so Saunders was exposed to various music. However, it wasn’t until hearing a song from global superstar Mariah Carey that her style began to take shape.

As a songwriter, Saunders has worked with both Grammy-nominated and platinum-selling producers. One of which became the co-writer of her most talked about song. She has also been able to garner attention from producers who, with the right placement, will be industry heavyweights. Although her songs have yet to be placed with notable artists, she is hopeful that placements will follow as her place in the industry becomes more prominent.

Saunders’s journey to becoming a label executive and owner began in September 2018, when an artist she was managing suggested that she hire Michael “Mike Boss Mitchell, (whom they had performed for at an artist showcase) to assist her with the promotion of the artist’s song after Saunders released it under her old management label, space D Minor Entertainment, using the popular independent distributor, DistroKid.

Boss has worked in the music industry since 1996 and has had independent labels with major distribution. Currently, he owns the popular independent label Rich Nation Entertainment. Before acquiring distribution for his labels, he had worked with several major labels including Sony Music Entertainment, so he was the right person for the two to connect to. Saunders and her artist only had one meeting with Boss before ultimately parting ways. However, he was so impressed with her management approach and overall industry knowledge, that after just over three months of meeting her, he was offering her major distribution for her label.

She accepted and in November 2018 signed her first deal with a subsidiary of Universal Music Group under the label name Broken Silence Music Group. To date, the label has multiple distribution deals. Through the label, Saunders has sponsored several events with Boss and signed multiple artists, the most successful of which was an artist referred to as BrisGod with a single entitled “Cali”.

To gain some experience in running a successful label, Saunders convinced Boss to hire her at Rich Nation Entertainment. She started working at the label in April 2019 and has had four positions since. Most recently, and perhaps most notably, in May 2023, she became the president of the company.

Obstacles are a part of life; it’s how you navigate them that sets you apart from the rest. Saunders is here to prove that a disability does not define you. She is an undeniable force in this industry.